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FEYP: Call for applications Workshop on Political Participation and Strategic Planning

Forum of European Roma Young People (FERYP)

Call for applications Workshop on Political Participation and Strategic Planning

within the project

FERYP Institute on Political Participation

18-20 December 2016, Strasbourg, France


Background and objectives

Political participation represents one of most important issues in relation to advancing societies, democratic participation and the rule of law. In the last years, major stakeholders as the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the OSCE/ODIHR and other organizations, have introduced political empowerment of young Roma on their agenda. Political participation of the Roma in European countries is still lacking in different areas, but the most visible progress is shown at the macro level.

The workshop represents the kick-off meeting of FERYP Institute on Roma Youth and Political Participation that has the objective to train the young Roma get involved in political life, for instance standing in elections, participating in decision-making, establishing partnerships with youth factions of political parties, community and stakeholders accession, establishing a clear and viable electoral program, fundraising and campaigning, etc. The workshop will be the occasion to discuss the activities of the project.

As part of the kick-off workshop, the participants will also have the chance to join the Relaunching of FERYP in its 20th anniversary since its foundation. FERYP will define new priorities and prepare a new Strategy for 2017-2020. To do this, we need to work together. We are launching a new journey for Roma youth in Europe, a journey where our voice will shape new horizons for a more inclusive Europe.

This workshop is organized by the Forum of European Roma Young People (FERYP) in cooperation with the Team of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Roma Issues and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, in the framework of the Roma Youth Action Plan. The activity will contribute to the Roma Youth Action Plan, by strengthening the capacities of young Roma, and enhancing the process of voicing out their messages, demands, etc. and fighting discrimination within the Roma community and society.

Aim and overview of the workshop:

The aim of the workshop is to bring together young Roma, aged 20 to 35, who are active on Roma youth issues, who are concerned about the issues of their communities and plan to actively participate in the lives of their communities either by involvement in decision-making, political life, advocacy, working with the community or other means of representation. During the workshop, the young Roma will explore the field of political participation and representation, but also get an insight into its basic components. Good practices on political participation of young Roma in Europe will be discussed and a plan of cooperation with the relevant authorities, political parties and other stakeholders will be drafted.

The participants of this workshop are expected to get involved with the FERYP project Institute on Roma Youth and Political Participation.

The goal of the workshop is to kick off the project FERYP Institute on Roma Youth and Political Participation and create a space for young Roma to get introductory knowledge and skills on political participation at local level.


  1. To discuss the challenges faced by the young Roma during the involvement in public and political life and possible solutions to address these challenges;
  2.  To offer young Roma a basic introduction to political participation and the electoral process.
  3. To prepare a plan that will help the participants to follow the steps to get involved in public or political life or work with their communities on voters’ empowerment, mobilisation, advocacy etc.
  4. To define the new FERYP priorities and prepare its new Strategy for 2017-2020.
  5. To discuss the activities of the FERYP Institute on Political Participation.

Eligible countries

We accept applications from all European countries (Council of Europe member states and Kosovo (1). However, we encourage the young Roma from the following countries to apply: Albania; Bulgaria; Czech Republic; Greece, Hungary; Republic of Moldova; Portugal, Romania; Serbia; Slovak Republic, Spain and ”the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”

Profile of Participants

FERYP is looking young Roma participants for the workshop.

The applicants should be:

  • Aged 20 to 35;
  • Motivated, proactive and currently engaged with a Roma organisation or developing initiatives, activities with/for the Roma community;
  • Committed to develop and strengthen the dialogue between young Roma and political representatives, authorities at local/national/regional level;
  • Interested to participate in policy making at local/national/regional level and in the local political life;
  • Be able to multiply the information obtained during the session on their return home;
  • Good knowledge of English or Romani.

Working languages

The working languages of the workshop are English and Romani.


The deadline for submitting the completed applications is November 27, 2016. Please note that the applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

You can apply !

Selection Procedure

The selection of the participants will be done according to the criteria mentioned in this call for participants, seeking to ensure geographical and gender balance, different types of experiences, backgrounds and organisations.

Travel and accommodation

Arrival day: December 17, 2016

Working days: December 18-19-20, 2016

Departure day: December 21, 2016

The workshop will take place is the premises of the European Youth Centre Strasbourg, France.

The organisers will cover the travel expenses, accommodation and meals during the event. Please note that to facilitate the widest possible participation we will seek the most economical travel options to Strasbourg.

For more information, please email us at:


1. All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.

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